About Advertorial

Advertorials are paid articles, created around the keywords of major interest for each client and have the role of promoting a website or an online business. Any advertorial is written in order to provide relevant information about the product or services promoted and brings many benefits to any business. Each advertorial comes with a unique element: a link to another website.

Why are advertorials important?

In addition to the advertisement offered by the advertorials, by publishing on the websites of various opinion formers, they also help a better positioning in the Google ranking, thus representing a powerful marketing tool.

What are the benefits of advertorials?

You get natural backlinks for your online business. You only receive unique content verified by experienced people. Increase site traffic and generate more sales. Provide the general public with accurate information about your services or products.

When is the right time to order an advertorial?

You want to increase the popularity of the company you own. You want to make your services or products known. You have a new product and you want to make it known. An important event for the company is coming up and you want to make it public.

Is it important that each advertorial has a unique content?

Unique content is one of the most relevant factors for Google search algorithms. It increases the authority of the links that lead to your site.

How do you make sure that the advertorials have unique content?

We contractually guarantee that the advertorials ordered from us on the site have unique content. Also, our team of editors can address any required topic or writing style.

Can advertorials be checked before they are published?

Of course. Any advertorial can be checked by you before it is published so that each post represents your business as well as possible. Changes made to the advertorials, prior to their publication, will not involve additional costs.

Why choose E-Advertising for an advertorial campaign?

We have 7 years of experience that recommends us. We offer discounts depending on the volume of advertorials ordered. We have a diverse range of blogs and press trusts. You can view live the stage of publishing the ordered advertorials. We offer consulting in order to choose the publishing strategy. We contractually guarantee the quality and time of writing the advertorials. We offer advertorial packages depending on your budget.